Style inspiration: Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is a very beautiful woman. Either you like her music or not, either you like her acting or not, either you like her personality or not, there is no doubt about it. She is beautiful. And as she's getting older she gets to be even more beautiful, giving the rest of us the hope that when we'll grow up (never), we're going to look like her (not really).
But no matter how many "Booty" songs she sings I don't believe she's curvy. I think she's extremely thin like all the other Hollywood stars but with a bigger bum than the rest of them. So I don't consider her one of us "Droules". 
Since it's Jennifer Lopez's birthday today, I got inspired today by her immaculate style. She can rock almost anything. Sexy and powerful looks, girly look, effortless look, casual look... JLo looks great in anything!


Also, let's not forget her looks on the red carpet. Jennifer Lopez knows how to make an impression on the red carpet. She usually goes for sexy looks, but I like her romantic choices more. 


And there is always that Versace dress that we'll never forget... 
Happy Birthday Jennifer!