London Fashion Week SS16 - The highlights

Anna (Wintour) might be already in Paris for the last Fashion Week of the season, but I still can't get over London Fashion Week. The funkiest of all Fashion Weeks was the most fun and the most interactive fashion event to date. 

Changing its location (from Somerset House to Brewer Street Car Park in Soho) made it more approachable and fun. So I got the chance to walk around Soho, see the most outrageous looks ever, drunk free Diet Coke (which the bottle is designed by J.W Anderson), 

eat delicious pop corn, and sat on the lounge chairs at Golden Square 

to watch, through live streaming, some fabulous fashion shows. 

It was the first time that I felt that London Fashion Week has a place for us mortals who are passionate about fashion. 
If I had to choose my favorite show from this season's London Fashion Week it would definitely be Erdem: Romantic, feminine, magical. 

But I also have to mention Mary Katrantzou's fashion show. Amazing. Maybe her best work to date. I want to wear them all! 


Bloggers Fashion Week

As I mentioned in a previous post, September is a "hard" month if you have a passion for fashion. So many events are going on that is very difficult to keep up. Every September I think of poor Anna Wintour. She has to travel to London, Milan and Paris, she has to wear amazing designer clothes and sit at the front row of the most exciting fashion shows in the world. Poor Anna... 
Oh well, I might not living the hard life of Anna Wintour, but I have a few events to attend in September. One of them is Bloggers Fashion Week. Where you get to connect with brands, chat with fellow bloggers and even watch a fashion show! 

So, after work I got all dressed up and went to East London for the event. But the event was relocated and I had to travel back to South London! Traveling all around London is not an ideal situation and definitely a mood breaker, but I put a smile on my face and went anyway.
There, I had the chance to connect with some amazing brands and chat about my favorite subject (beauty and fashion!) with my fellow bloggers. 

I was introduced to the Miglio jewellery brand and I discovered some innovative designs... 

I was impressed by the quality of the Linzy Lous bags, especially for such an affordable price... 

And I fell in love with Georgina Dee's clothes. I still can't get out of my mind that amazing blue coat. Too bad I didn't have my camera with me to take a picture to show you! My mobile failed me! 

And last but not least, I found my new favorite nail polish! True Brit has some fabulous colors (especially for me who prefers dark shades) and the quality is excellent. 

Overall, it was a cool event and I had the chance to discover some great brands and some even greater bloggers! We are an amazing community, right? 

Fashion Bitching (#25): Emmy Awards 2015

It's been a while since all the big stars got dressed by their stylists, got the hair and make up done and walked the red carpet in order to smile and pose for all of us, so we can bitch about who got it right and who totally missed it! Ready? 

January Jones in Ulyana Sergeenko
Interesting jumpsuit, interesting color but the whole look doesn't work. Especially that brooch on the waist, totally ruins the outfit. 
Score: 7/10

Taraji P.Henson in Alexander Wang
 Great dress and it fits her perfectly. I would prefer a different styling for her hair but overall she looks beautiful. 
Score: 8/10

Maggie Gyllenhaal in Oscar de la Renta
 Dear Maggie. This is not your first coaching moment about your red carpet looks. But it seems you are not paying attention. You continue shooting films instead of reading my blog and learn a thing or two. Next time, could you please steam the dress before you wear it? Thank you! 
Score: 5/10

Lady Gaga in Brandon Maxwell
 Is this Lady Gaga or her chic twin? She looks amazing!
Score: 9/10

Kerry Washington in Marc Jacobs
 Bold choice and I love her hair, but no.
Score: 7/10

Claire Danes in Prada
I cut my hair short (you can read about my experience here) and now all the Hollywood stars are doing the same! What a copycat Claire! At least, you look fabulous! 
Score: 9/10

Sofia Vergara in St.John
   One more boring look from Sofia Vergara. You can do better than that Sofia.
Score: 6/10

Amy Poehler in Michael Kors
 Nice dress and it looks great on her, but what's up with her hair? 
Score: 8/10

Laura Prepon in Christian Siriano
 I love Christian Siriano's work but this is bad and the styling is bad too. Too many bads in one look. 
Score: 4/10

Amanda Peet in Michael Kors

 I really like the dress but I would prefer a less formal hair styling to compliment the dress more. 
Score: 8/10

Sarah Hyland in Zac Posen
 How can you go wrong with Zac Posen? Sarah looks amazing and effortlessly chic.
Score: 9/10

Heidi Klum in Versace
 Dear Heidi. For 14 years you criticize other people's designs. But still you can't find a dress to fit you properly on the red carpet? 
Score: 3/10

Ellie Kemper in Naeem Khan
 A breath of fresh air on the red carpet! The styling is impeccable, the colours are amazing and it fits her like a glove! My personal favourite! 
Score: 10/10

What's your favourite?  

The big blush investigation!

For all my adult life, I used a very specific type of blush for my make up routine. The classic compact blush has always been in my make up bag and only the shade changed through the years. 
The last few months, that I started experiment with my make up, I found some amazing new products to freshen up my look and give a different approach to my beauty routine.
This time I decided to try different types of blushes. I bought different drugstore blushes in order to find my next beauty addiction. 

First I started with the classics. Compact blushes have been in the market since forever and they have never let us down. Seventeen's blush is really good and gives a natural look, MUA's blush needs to apply it several times in order to give the right look on my face and Revlon's blush was hard on my find and I couldn't apply it very easy. 
In the compact category I would say that we have a clear winner and that's Maybelline's blush. Very easy to apply and gives to my skin a natural look without trying too hard. 

Unfortunately I couldn't find a lot of cream blushes, so I tried only the Max Factor one and I was extremely disappointed. My skin couldn't absorb it well and it made me look like a clown. For oily skins like mine, cream blushes are not the best option. Maybe it works better on dry skin. 

I present to you my new blush obsession! The blush sticks! Collection's blush stick is really good and I use it all the time! It blends really well and gives the most natural look ever. NYC's blush stick is even more amazing! It has a softer texture than the Collection one and it blends in the most natural way. Blush sticks turned out to be the best option for my skin and it only takes a few seconds to apply! You can always have one in your make up bag. 
And remember: Its all up to the brush you are using. A great brush helps to blend the blush and gives you a natural look.

The Vernez launch party

To be honest, I was never really into fashion apps. I used to find them slow, boring and uninspiring. Most of the fashion apps that I've downloaded on my iphone seemed like they didn't have fun with fashion. And that's what fashion is all about: fun! 
So, when I got invited for the launch of the Vernez app I was sceptical. Will it be one more boring fashion app? 

I arrived at the party and with my glass of sparkling wine in my hand, I watched the presentation for the app by the founder of Vernez, Moyang Yang. 

During the presentation I realised that finally I found a fun fashion app! With Vernez you get the chance to create your own fashion editorials (just like Vogue, or even better!), to post your own looks but what I like the most is that you can check how other users style your favorite fashion item and instantly buy it! Well, that's what I call fun! So the next time that my friend Athina will call me 10 times to ask me about how to style the new skirt she bought, I'll just tell her one word: Vernez!

And the fun continued after the presentation. I got to eat candy floss, which I hadn't eaten for years, I took some fun pics at the photobooth, talked to some amazing fellow bloggers and drunk a lot of prosecco! 

You can download the Vernez app from the App Store. Soon it will be available on all the other digital platforms.