5 +1 Tips For Pain Free High Heels

For our big nights out we all love wearing heels. But usually I end up suffering quietly in a corner while the others are dancing like there is no tomorrow.  
So I gathered a few tips in order to survive the high heel adventure: 

1. Buy the right size shoe
Just because you were wearing size 5 10 years ago, it doesn't mean that this is still your size. Our body changes through the years, so have your feet sized once a year. 

2. Silicon Pads are your best friend
Invest in silicone pads to avoid suffering in the ball of your feet (my main issue with high heels). You can purchase them in any drugstore.

3.Thicker heels rule!
Yes we all love stilettos, but if you really want to enjoy a night without pain choose a thicker heel for stability. Leave the stilettos for the red carpet only. 

4. Give your feet a break
You want to dance the night away but don't forget to take breaks and sit down whenever possible. While sitting, you can stretch your legs and prepare them for the next big pop anthem.

5. More coverage on top the better!
When a shoe has more coverage on top, it helps your foot to be more stable and you can wear them for many hours. 

*The after party recovery
You went home and your feet are swollen? Put them in a cold bath (yes, yes cold) for ten minutes and then apply a foot cream. You'll wake up the next day, brand new!