5 + 1 tips on Beauty Travel Essentials

Easter weekend is here and my friends and I, decided to get out of London for couple of days even though the weather won't be on our side. We booked a hotel in Brighton just to get a glimpse of the sea. After all the booking and travel arrangements were done, a big question came in mind: What should I bring with me?
So, I gathered a few tips about packing the beauty essentials in order to avoid panic attacks like: where is my moisturizer? 

Start with the basics 

 I would like to thank the creator of the mini size products that save my life every time I travel. You can find them at any drugstore and they're usually on offer. And yes, we all assume that the hotel will always have a shampoo but why risk it when you can use those lovely Aussie products? And remember: You won't find a hotel room with a coonditioner in it, unless you're staying at the Ritz. A girl with so many hair issues, needs her conditioner! 

The transparent make up bag

You are at the airport, you're going through the security check and they ask you to open your make up bag and take everything out. What a nightmare to put them back in... But a transparent make up bag makes everything easy. You show them the bag and you're ready to go! This particular one above, is a pencil case that I found in Tesco.

The best body wash needs to travel    

No more boring body washes in hotel rooms! You're on holidays, why not feel great and smell great too?

Samples are girl's best friend

Never understimate the power of samples. They are very useful while traveling and you get the chance to try new products too! Lancome send me those ones and I can't wait to try them. And you don't have to be a blogger to have access to samples. Usually all the big beauty brands are more than willing to give you samples to try their new products.

Size does matters and we want them small!! 


When it comes to your make up products while traveling, small is good. That travel size mascara you bought at the airport, that small make up brush that was on offer, that smaller size concealer you got from your subscription beauty box, or that small size blush you found inside a goodie bag, are very useful when you travel and don't take up too much space. 

Did you forget something?

 Ok, I get it. You're on holidays, you don't want to spend time taking off your make up. That's why cleansing wipes are you best friend. You can buy a mini version of them too!! It will only take a minute and the next day you'll look fresh and amazing!! 
Let's all have some fun this weekend!! Despite of the bad weather!