Heaven Skincare Face Mask - Review

 A few weeks ago, I went to one of the Bloggers Hangout's events. I was in a hurry and the event was more about food brands than beauty, but luckily I had the chance to meet some very nice people. One of them was a lovely and smiley lady from Heaven Skincare. She introduced me to the brand, we talked about their products and she gave me their Silver Bee Venom Mask to try it. 

First of all, whο says that packaging doesn't matter? We are talking about the most amazing beauty packaging I've ever seen! Watch out Chanel and Dior, this brand looks way more luxurious and chic than yours! Just saying! 
But the excellence of the product doesn't stop at the packaging. The mask contains bee venom that works to control facial muscles for immediate lifting and tightening. It's kind of like a natural botox and without needles! I've been using the mask for the last couple of weeks and I apply it on my face before I go to bed... I watch an episode of "How I met your mother" (Barney Stinson rules) and then I wash it off with warm water.

Even though I don't believe in miracles especially when it comes to beauty products, I definitely noticed a difference on my skin after I started using it. Every morning my face looks more radiant and more firm than before. My skin is very sensitive and it's hard to find a product that it will not cause me any trouble, so I'm very happy that I got introduced to this fabulous mask that can actually replace an expensive facial. The texture of the product is so light that it can be used as moisturizer as well. That's what I call multitasking! 

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