Greeks do it better: Sparkle & Dazzle Jewellery

 I've known Maria (the amazing lady behind Sparkle & Dazzle) a very long time. She's not a girl who goes unnoticed. Her unique personal style and her fabulous fashion sense makes her stand out from the crowd. Every time I see her, before I even say "hello", I ask her? Where did you get this necklace/ this bag/ this bracelet/ this ring? And the answer is always the same: I've made it! 


So Maria, after working for years in fashion retail and being a stylist for many local celebrities, decided to start her own business and share her amazing fashion sense with the world. Here's a little chat I had with her about Sparkle & Dazzle (the other chat about boys, gossip and make up was off the record): 

 How did you start creating jewellery?
As a teenager I enjoyed mixing materials and objects just to make extreme and strange jewellery for me!! Buttons, tops from bottles, paper, dices and anything I could print on, were my favourites!!
Later, in parallel with my main job, I worked several times as a personal stylist... choosing clothes for women is an interesting thing to do, but I loved the part where I created unique accessories just for them!! Now, for the last few months this is my main job and I'm thrilled!!!

How do you get inspired?
Definitely from the 80's... I can say 70's too !! Lots of love and respect for the music and fashion back then...Gothic and victorian style is also an inspiration...


 Do you create specific collections every season or you work whenever you’re inspired?
It depends from my mood and only... I can't work under pressure and deadlines anymore!! I'm a gemini !!!!!
How would you describe your creations?
Simple, different, easy to wear for every age, every style and every budget!

  I’ve noticed you like working with unconventional materials. Is the creating process harder?
When you love what you do I think everything is easy... I work with paper and plastic most of the times and it's fun.. I give shapes and I paint them and I feel like I'm ten years old!! When I work with bronze I have to be more careful but it's still fun!!!

          Have the social media helped you promote your work?
I only have a facebook page at the moment, but I think I'm lucky because without putting a lot of effort it helps me a lot... I believe in their power of social media in general, so I'll try harder to be active on more social media channels so I can promote my work.


         Due to the economical crisis in Greece, how difficult is to start your own business?
You mean if we can do the impossible nowdays in greece? It 's a big risk and not everyone can take it... I'm still not sure if I can take it! Only time will tell...


           How can someone order your creations? Do you ship outside Greece at the moment?
Sparkle & Dazzle is my Facebook page, where you can see some of my creations (plus some styling tips) and send me a message.
I only ship in Greece at the moment but I hope for an 'opening' abroad!!!!