Fashion Finder: Saira Shoes

 Yes, I'm obsessed with shoes. But then again, is there a girl who is not obsessesd with shoes? (maybe my friend Athina... seriously, why am I friends with this girl?)
So, when I got invited to an event in order to get introduced to a shoe brand, I was really excited! 


Saira is an independent shoe brand based in the UK, which is using traditional production techniques with a modern eye. And they love creating flats! Finally, a brand that understands my pain! I love high heels but let's be honest, it's really hard to live in them. But it's even harder to find cool and beautiful flat shoes. But Saira Shoes are exactly that: cool and beautiful.  

They're using unique and feminine prints and they create some fabulous pairs that are modern and classic at the same time. 

I fell in love with the ones above... I start thinking about summer in the Greek islands... wearing light dresses...  I need to have them in my closet!!


 What really caught my eye was these ones... No more boring, ordinary and unflattering sneakers to wear in the tube. I can finally wear a pair that I won't feel embarassed matching it with my workwear. 

  You can check Saira shoes (take a look at their amazing boots) at:
Happy shopping!
 Photos by: Alex Daniels