Shea Moisture Hair Masque - Review

I discovered the Shea Moisture brand last year at a blogger's beauty event (you can read about it here) and I remember that I was so impressed by their amazing scents of their products. Many people say that it doesn't matter how a product smells, as long as it does the job. 
Well, it matters to me. I love it when a beauty product has a fabulous scent. And the Shea Moisture products smell amazing. They use natural ingredients based on shea butter and their recipes are handed down from a healer make for potent 21st century cures.

As you might already know, my hair have so many issues that I don't know where to begin. They're greasy, have a mind of their own and most of the time they look dull. For the last month, I'm using this mask twice a week and I noticed a real difference.

My hair look smoother and more vibrant. Even the colour (I'm dying my hair of course), looks brighter! And the most important thing... my hair smell amazing after every use! 
What more can I ask for? 

You can check their products here