How to style: The Denim Shirt

Denim is such a big trend at the moment, that allows us to use it and style it in many different ways. 
Here are the 5 ways (+1 extra tip) to style the denim shirt: 

1. Your new cardigan

Spring hopefully will arrive soon, so you'll have to put your heavy coat back in the closet and try something lighter to cover yourself. The denim shirt is an effortless alternative that will give your look a cool twist. 

2. Many shades of denim  

Years ago, it was a fashion "no,no" to try to match different shades of denim. But now, you have nothing to be afraid of. If you have big thighs, like me, choose the darker shade for your bottoms and the lighter one for the top.

3. Denim night out

Who says that denim is only suitable for casual wear? 
Kim Kardashian, who is the queen of "sexy" wear, shows us how to match a denim shirt with a pencil skirt, a pair of high heels... and we're ready for a big night out! 

4. The girly denim way

Kim might know sexy, but Olivia Palermo (my favorite style icon) knows how to make everything to look sophisticated and chic. You match your denim shirt with a girly and flowy skirt and you instantly have a great girly look. I usually match my denim shirt with my favorite yellow skirt (you can read about the skirt here) for a an amazing color combination.

5. Boho denim chic

   It's been a long time since denim was associated with constructor workers. Now you can match your denim shirt with a casual skirt and sneakers and you'll have a fabulous boho look. 

+1: Don't be afraid to accessorize!

The denim shirt is such a versitile piece of our wardrobe that we can accessorize it with almost everything. I usually like matching it with a big and shiny statement necklace for the ultimate contrast! 

What's your favorite denim shirt style?