How to survive Fashion Month...

September is a big month in the fashion world. It marks the new season and it defines all the trends for the next years (yes, years). Even if your are a fashion editor in Vogue or just a mortal fashion girl, like me, there's so many fashion events happening in September that is hard to keep up.And if you don't do it right, you might spend all of your October trying to recover. 
So here are some simple but very useful tips on how to survive Fashion September: 

 *Don't forget your portable mobile charger

This month your portable charger will be your best friend. You are always on the go, going from one place to another, you check your emails, you chat on Facebook, you post images on Instagram... you need your charger, more than you need water! 
They come in many funky designs and affordable prices.

*Don't leave the house without your emergency flats

Of course you're going to fashion events wearing your favorite high heels but what happens when you need to go home and you have to walk 5 blocks to reach the nearest tube station? Emergency flats come to your rescue!! Your can roll them and have them in your clutch. So easy! 

*You need your camera! 

I know its not the most convenient thing to carry around, but let's face it: You need your camera. So many amazing things will happen this month and you need to capture them! Otherwise you'll keep wondering: Why didn't I bring my camera? 

*Is there any lipstick in your bag?

You can't survive fashion month without lipstick in your bag. In between drinking champange and trying gourmet snacks, you need to refresh your make up. Maybe a compact powder will be useful too. Especially for those with oily skin, like mine. 

*Let yourself eat cake

By watching fashion shows and being amazed by the incredible fashion walking around you,  you might forget to crab something to eat. At least don't forget to eat something sweet that will give you the energy to keep going. 
Cupcake anyone? 

So mark all the important fashion dates on your calendar and you're ready to go! Let's do this!