Going Pink: How to rock the pink trend

In case you didn't know already, I'm very much a pink girl. I love pink in every shade and in every form. So when the pink colour apperead on the runway and then made its way to the high street, I couldn't be happier. 
This season the pink trend is still going strong, so here are some tips on how to rock the trend: 

Pink + Gold = Match Made In Heaven

Photo: Denny D Photography

Now there's a combination that never fails to amaze us. You can match a pink outfit with gold accessories like I did with my Marks & Spencer dress or you can go for a bolder combination like a gold midi skirt and a pink cropped top. 

Add Pink Through Your Accessories

Not everyone is pink at heart like me but you can still rock the trend by adding a touch of pink through your accessories. A pale pink backpack (like mine from Gap) or some hot pink sandals can transform your look in seconds. 

Pink + Black Combination Rules! 

This is my favorite colour combination. Its such a strong contract it makes every outfit look fashionable and modern. And there are so many options. A pink dress with a black blazer and accessories, a pair of black tailored trousers with a hot pink velvet blazer... I can go on and on...

Don't Be Afraid Of The Light! 

Even though the pale pink sends our mind to spring and warmer climates, this season pale pink will be in our lives throughout autumn/ winter. So don't be afraid of it, just embrace it. 

Pink Blazer = Essential? 

Since when a pink blazer became a wardobe essential? Well, since I bought one from New Look and I realised that it's the most versatile piece in my closet. You can wear it with almost everything! 
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