How to style: The boho blouse

I used to believe that the boho blouse belongs to Glanstobury and Coachella. 
A classic festival fashion item. 
But now fashion has taken this cool blouse to another level and has become so versatile that you can wear it everywhere! Yes everywhere! There are so many options out there that you can definitely find the one that's right for you. My closet is full of them. And its wearable every season.
Here are some tips on how to style this blouse so it can work for you and your personal style: 

1. The easy festival way

This is the most common styling on a boho blouse. You match it with your denim shorts. If you have big thighs like me, go for a longer version, wear your biker boots, match it with a leather jacket, avoid the usual flowers in your hair (unless you are actually going to Glanstonbury) and you're good to go! 
This look doesn't have to be for festivals only. It could be ideal for a day trip, for a live gig, even for shopping with friends.

2. The effortless way

This is my favorite way to style the boho blouse. First of all, it doesn't need a lot of effort to make it work. You can style it with you favorite pair of jeans and you match it either with high heels or with some cool flats and you can go for work, or for drinks or for a casual dinner.  Secondly and most important is that the peplum covers my mummy tummy! Winning!  
*this one is from H&M

3. The unexpected way

Wearing your boho blouse for a glam night out? It's bold but it can happen! 
Here's the unconvetional combination: Your boho blouse, a pencil skirt (preferably monochrome), metallic heels and you're ready to dazzle! 
Extra tip: to avoid looking bulky, tack your blouse in. If you're worrying about your tummy, wear a big belt to make your waist look fabulous!