Dressing for Zoom Meetings

Even though I use Zoom and other video-call platforms, I never thought that this would be the only way to connect with the outside world. But this is our reality at the moment so we might as well use it to our benefit! As most of us are working from home at the moment but we still have to talk to our bosses or our colleagues or attend networking meetings, should we open our cameras while wearing our pj's and old t-shirts? Well, just because we're working from home it doesn't mean that we are not ourselves anymore. And even though the dress code to these meetings are more casual by default, we still need to look like we are in a working mode. 
Here's are some tips on how to look our best in front of our laptop's camera:

* Step away from your pyjamas! 
   By getting out of your pj's not only will make you look more polished in front of the camera but will also help you to establish a routine while working from home but you'll give yourself a necessary boost to keep you going. 

* Look out for interesting tops! 
   Since the only thing that the camera sees is our top half, it's best to concentrate our efforts on our tops. Bright colours and interesting but not too loud prints always look good on camera. 

*Accessories matter! 
 A bit of sparkle around your face can go a long way when it comes to Zoom meetings and will make you feel more confident. Doesn't need to be anything too loud just some subtle jewellery which will lighten up your frame. 

* Don't forget the lipstick! 
  You might don't need lipstick on your face-2-face meetings but laptop cameras are really good to wash our faces out and make us look like a zombie. That's why it's crucial to put a bit of effort when it comes to your makeup routine. Lipstick, blush and eye shadow are your must-haves for our new virtual reality. 

And the best part? No need for heels!! That's what I call a silver lining!
Here's some inspiration for your stay-at-home looks: