My Top 7 Self-Care Essentials

Before I became a mum I never thought how important taking care of myself would be. Taking care of a child changes your priorities so much that you literally forget about yourself. It took me months to remember to brush my teeth again! After a while, I realised that if I don't take care of myself everything else and especially my daughter would fall apart. So I've started to dedicate a few minutes, every few days to 'pause'. What a difference a few minutes make! By focusing on myself, even for 10-15 minutes, was so beneficial to my wellbeing but unfortunately not enough. Tiredness was part of my daily agenda. And then came the lockdown. Definitely, not a good situation to be in but it has forced me to have more time for myself and focus on some self-care routines. So here are my top 7 self-care essentials that help me get through the day and give me a distraction of this uncertain situation we're all living in.

Body Shop Satsuma Body Butter

Even though I have a few body-butters in my 'beauty drawers', I rarely use them as I never had the time to wait for them to be absorbed in my skin. Now that time is not that much of an issue, I'm really glad that I've started using body-butters again. So after every shower, I apply this body butter from The Body Shop and my skin feels amazing! And it remains soft for days! The beautiful scent of satsuma is the cherry on top.

Do Terra Lavender Essential Oil

Pre motherhood, I've never had an issue with sleeping. Quite the opposite: I could fall asleep anywhere, anytime. But when my little bundle of joy came into my life, my sleeping routine was so deprived that I couldn't get back to my easy sleeper self. Things got worse last year when I was diagnosed with tinnitus which basically means I have a constant ring in my ear which makes sleeping, a mission impossible. And there comes DoTerra! I have to say I'm always so sceptical when it comes to any kind of remedies (even the 100% natural ones). But since I really love lavender as a scent I've decided to try out the DoTerra Essential Oil hoping it will help me sleep. And it really did! A few drops on my pillow every night and I shut down in minutes!!

Huda Beauty Liquid Lipstick

I know, I know lipstick is not the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about self-care but for me, by putting on some lipstick every morning gives me a sense of normality and makes me feel good during Virtual Meetings. The Huda Beauty one is so amazing, I'm literally obsessed with it. It feels like a lipgloss but when it dries out it gives such a beautiful, matte pout, I just can't stop using it!  

Vogue Magazine

Usually, when we talk about self-care we focus on skin and much less on our mental health. But for a girl like me who struggles with mental health issues for quite a while, I know that taking care of my mind is equally important. So by relaxing on the sofa and reading Vogue, I have the perfect remedy for my mind.

Neal's Yard Hand Cream

What's the one thing I'm doing the most every day? Washing my hands of course! And even though that's the right thing to do in order to fight the virus, my poor hands are paying the cost. So I was in need of a hard-working cream that is easy to apply but strong enough to moisturise my hands on the go. The Neal's Yard Hand Cream ticks all the boxes and smells amazing too.

Laura Mercier Serum
Due to lack of time, my beauty routine in the morning is quite simple: face wash, moisturiser, makeup and go! But now that I've decided to make the most of my 'beauty drawers' I was pleasantly surprised when I start using the Laura Mercier serum before I apply my moisturiser. It really feels that I have another layer of protection on my skin without making it feel heavy. I'll definitely add it to my routine when things resume to normal.

Garnier Facial Oil

I have very oily skin and I'm not afraid to say it. Actually, if you're one my frequent readers you've probably been sick and tired reading about it. But then I've met a fabulous and very knowledgable beauty therapist who suggested to apply a facial oil to my face before I go to bead. Oil to oily skin? Crazy, right? Well. that's what I initially thought, but then I said to myself: why not? And then a miracle happened: I applied reluctantly the oil on my face before I go to sleep and I woke up a new woman! No oily skin! Why no one had told me this before? Is this some kind of secret that only the privileged few know about? Well, now the truth is out. The facial oil saves!

So, these are my top 7 self-care essentials. For more inspiration, you can go and check the top 7 products of the fabulous and fellow blogger Chantelle here.

And if you like to have a look at other products that I use for my indulgence, then have a look at my Pinterest for inspiration. And remember, take care of yourself and stay home!