3 ways to elevate your joggers


If you ever read this blog before you know that I love dresses. But this weird year I found myself looking for joggers and trying to find different ways to style them. In order to find the positives in this negative situation we're all living in, I discovered that retailers have upped their game and gave us so many different kind of loungewear that you can definitely find the right pair of joggers for you. Even if you're not into exercise and Joe Wicks, joggers are the perfect piece for staying at home without feeling you're wearing your pjs. And not only that! You can now wear joggers outside the house without feeling obligied to go to the gym. Here are 3 ways where you can elevate your joggers and you can wear them on many 'new normal' occasions. 


The Work From Home look


Working from home doesn't seem to be going away any time soon so our dinner tables are our new offices and Zoom has become the friend we all love to hate. By wearing joggers you'll feel comfortable and by pairing them with a colourful and smart blouse you'll have the perfect look for your video calls. And don't forget the earrings! They make such a difference when you're in front of your screen for back2back meetings. If you need more inspiration for getting dressed for Zoom calls, have a look here

The School Run look


We might be going through so much lately but at least the kids have some kind of normality by going to schoool and for us by meeting the other mums to the school gates. You can find many ideas on how to rock your schoool run look here but as far as joggers are concerned you can style them with a funky cardigan which you can wear as a top and you're ready to go. I know you're scared to wear any other than trainers shoes, with your joggers but give it a try! Go for a neutral pair of ankle boots to smooth the transition.

The Lunch with Friends look


Don't be afraid to take your joggers to lunch! You can choose a fitted silhouette for the joggers and the top, go for some bright colours to give a bit of light to this gloomy weather and you'll have a sleek look which will be totally acceptable and totally stylish for meeting your girlfriends for lunch. 

If you're looking for joggers at the moment head over to my Instagram (check the shopping section on my profile) and find some great pieces whatever your budget.

Hopefully we'll all meet on the other side soon but in the meantime let's cheer ourselves up and let's do this in style!