The 5 Best Alternatives to Jeans

One of the things that I really miss during this crisis is dressing up. Put on my favourite dress, wear some ridicously high heels, apply foundation and eyeliner and add some sparkly jewellery. And even though I have a new appreciation for joggers (you can check all about them here) I still wear jeans on a regular basis since I'm just walking around my neighbourhood! But one morning just before I reached out to one of my pairs of jeans I had a lightbulb moment. What if I replaced the jeans with something equally versatile and easy to wear? 

Actually there are so many alternatives out there which they do same job and can get us out of a style rut. Here my 5 best alternatives. 


Corduroy Trousers

Many people think that corduroy trousers are out of fashion but actually they’re quite fashionable and comfortable too. And the best part? They come in different colours and different silhouettes. You can go for a wild colour like pink or orange or for something more subtle like navy or camel. You can see up above (first pic) that I am wearing corduroy culottes in dark green. Way more comfortable than jeans! 



I know that you might think that jumpsuits are not flattering to your bodyshape but I can promise you, there's the right jumpsuit for you out there. If you worry about lumps and bumps being on show, go for softer fabrics and loose silhouettes. Light jersey ones with wide leg bottoms are perfect for every day and will hide everything that you want to be hidden. Not only they're comfortable and stylish but you don't have to worry in the morning what to match it with. 




Denim skirt

Time to get out of those skinny jeans and get into a denim skirt! Wear it with some opaque tights to beat cold weather, style it with a nice jumper to add some coolness and finish the look with your trainers or boots to add comfort. And there you have it: you can start your day in style.



Utility pants 

If you enjoy the outdoors here's a great alternative for you. Utility trousers are comfortable and will add styling points to your look with all their pockets and embellishments. If you're on the curvier side like me, be cautious on the pockets on the side of your hips which might add some unnecessary volume. Try the ones that have big pockets on the front and around the waist instead.   



Tracksuit Bottoms

You don't need to go to the gym to go for this alternative. There are so many stylish options in athleisure these days; you will definitely find the one pair that's right for you. The stripe on the side definitely elevates the look and you can match them nicely with your knitwear or simple tee and a cardigan. If you want to totally step away from the gym look try bright colours and straight leg silhouettes rather than the classic ones. 


Keen on trying on some of these alternatives? Please get in touch so I can help you with your shopping. You can check all the details here.