Easy & Stylish Ways to Style the Gingham Print

I'm not going to lie: sometimes trends are really hard to follow. In between work and handling a cheeky four year old who has the time to add one more trend in their wardrobe? I get it. It's way easier to get dressed in the morning and wear whatever is easy and comfortable. That's why when we add trends to our wardrobe it should be because we want to refresh our looks and feel more updated rather than adding more pressure to our already stressful lives. 

What do we need trends for anyway? you might ask. Well, we don't actually need them but adding something different in our closet and wear something new will make us feel more confident to get through the day. And that's what the gingham print is all about. A way to bring joy to our wardrobe after the horrible months we've all experienced. But how can you wear the trend without looking you're going for a picnic all the time? Here are four easy ways to master the gingham print trend. 


Tone it down

Who says that gingham is all about dresses? If you're not into prints but still want to give it a try, then a gingham top with your jeans or a simple skirt and trainers is the right choice for you. And if you want to tone it down even further, avoid adding any more colours or accessories to your outfit. 

Smarten it up

 Can you actually wear gingham at the office? Sure you can! If you're worried that you won't look smart enough, choose a black & white combo and keep your accessories sleek and simple. You can even try to style your gingham dress with a blazer and roll up the sleeves for a modern look. Adding a belt will also add sophistication to your look and make your body shape look more feminine. 



Style it fun! 

Gingham is all about fun so why not play with it? You can choose a colourful gingham print and style it with bright colours. The perfect choice for summer and for having a bit of fun with fashion. To avoid to make your outfit look clownish, just pick one colour from the print and stick to it for your accessories.  


Embrace it

Anything wrong with picnics? Definitely not! So why not embrace it and style your gingham dress with a straw bag and sandals? An easy and effortless look which can wear throughout the day and enjoy the sunshine. 

And there you have it. Now you're ready to play around with gingham print and have fun with your wardrobe. And you if you want to style another print like stripes you can have a look here