Kourtney Kardashian x Boohoo Collection Review


A few weeks ago, during New York Fashion Week, the oldest sister of the Kardashian family, Kourtney, presented her first ever collection with Boohoo. 

I have to admit I was rather shocked with this announcement. Kourtney has always been the only one from the Kardashian family who is heavily involved in the wellness and sustainable kind of living so collaborating with a fast fashion brand hasn't really felt like the right move for her. 

Boohoo has been accused in the past of exploiting their workers so it seems that working with Kourtney Kardashian is an effort to redeem themselves. But is it enough?  

The main focus of the promotion of this collection has been about sustainability and how Kourtney wants the fashion industry to become more sustainable. 

But how can she talk about sustainability when she collaborates with a brand that produces thousands of new pieces per week? I guess only time will tell if this is really an effort towards creating garments in a more thoughful way or just a publicity stunt. 


Let's move on to the collection itself. Ever since Kourtney Kardashian started dating rock star Travis Barker her personal style has become more edgy and goth so it was only natural that this evolution would reflect into this collection as well. Think PV trousers and coats, sleek dresses and edgy t-shirts. 

And this is how the collection looks in a UK size 18 like myself. Note that I'm usually between size UK16-18 but went for a size 18 in all of these pieces as they were quite fitted. 



The oversized shirt

Nothing new here. The classic oversized shirt that looks like you just 'stole' it from your boyfriend's wardrobe. I've styled it up but adding lots of chains and metallic heels. Even though I don't go this short anymore, this one was quite comfortable and sexy at the same time. 



The dress

I honestly thought that I wouldn't fit into this dress but it was actually quite comfortable even though the slit was quite high even though I'm only 5'4''. The open back definitely added to the sexiness of the dress but I didn't feel it worked for me. 



The leathery trousers

As a curvy girl with big thighs, any kind of leathery trousers has always been a big no-no for me. I was pleasanlty surprised with these ones. Really soft material but quite long, which means a seamstress needs to get invloved to make them work for me. In the collection they matched the trousers with some t-shirts from Blink 182 (Kourtney's husband rock band) but I've styled it with my Madonna t-shirt! Rock on! 



The Matrix coat

As a skeptical kind of girl, I though that this would look really plasticky but I was wrong. This coat looks quite expensive and very edgy. It's quite oversized so if you would like more of a fitted look I would suggest to size down especially if you want to wear it as a dress as I've done here. 


Overall, the quality of the garments is suprisingly good and true to Kourtney's Kardashian style at the moment. But they definitely haven't conviceived me that they actually care about sustainability in the fashion industry. I hope they'll prove me wrong in the future. 


Even though most of the pieces are already sold out you have a look at the collection here.