Why we're obsessed with bags?


I'm in the process of revamping my bedroom/home office. I spend so much time in here as I'm working from home, I might as well create an enviroment that brings me joy! 

While I was clearing out (again!) my wardrobe, I've realised that I have many, many, many, many bags. And the weirdest thing is that even though I easily give away clothes or shoes, I can't let go of any of my bags!

So what's up with my obsession with bags? And even though I know that some of you (my bestie Athina included) are not really into bags, it's almost certain that most of us are in love with them.

Bags were initially created out of necessity. Pockets weren't invented till the 17th century so people needed to keep their coins safe. But as the centuries went by bags become something much more than just a safe place for money/coins. They have become the absolute 'it' item for women but men also. 

Why can't we have too much bags? Let's break down the reasons behind the world's bag obsession. 


Bags are the most inclusive and democratic fashion piece of all. It doesn't matter what size your are, what age you are, if you're tall or petite, a teenager or a sixty years old you can carry whatever bag you like! And even if you don't fit to any of the silly standards the fashion industry dictates you can still carry whatever bag you want: Big, small, black, multicoloured... there's a bag for everyone's taste. 



This goes back to the 18th century when the working class was carrying messenger bags and purses in order to keep their essentials safe while the aristocracy would have bags made from high quality fabrics and embelishments. You sort of knew back then, someone's social and financial status just by their bag alone.   

The pick of defining status via bags came during the 90's and early 00's when logomania was real and people went crazy with logos and expensive accessories. 


Luxury brands make their biggest profit from their accessories. True Story. That's why they make sure to offer new designs and styles every season. They even make bags especially for their outlets in order to maximise their profits! So be ware. Always do your research before visiting an outlet for bag shopping.

But it's not only about the luxury brands. Most of the high street stores offer such a variety of styles that you'll definitely find something you like. 

Outfit Upgrade

You all know what a difference accessories can make to an outfit and since bags have no body restrictions you can play around them in so many ways. They can add a colour to a monochrome look, they can upgrade a casual look and they can definitely be the focal point of the outfit. 

And they're pretty! 

There's a scene in the movie The Devil wear Prada where the boyfriend asks: what's up with women and bags? And the reply is: because they're pretty! 

And maybe my bestie Athina will be rolling her eyes when reading this as she thinks that bags are just a 'thing' you put your stuff in, but for the rest of us the relationship with bags is a love affair. 

Dear bag lovers you can head over to my YouTube channel where I talk about the most famous bags that changed the world (sort of). Click here