The Drama Parlour experience

Since I moved to London 2 years ago, I love going to events and meeting new people. And I'm so happy that my little blog gives me the opportunity to learn more about fashion and beauty and meet so many lovely people. 
Last week, I was invited by Natalie and Kelly of House of Mamas to the Drama Parlour opening party. I confirmed my attendance, I took part to the competition about a free haircut but at the day of the event, I was in a really bad mood. But I got dressed and went anyway. 

Drama Parlour is in the most unexpected place, for a hair salon, in East London. You go through a pub (maybe drink a pint before or after?) and at the back, on the top of the stairs, you find the Drama Parlour. This cosy hair salon takes its name from Vicky, the owner, who they keep calling "Drama"! As long as it's not hair drama, it's fine by me!!
Everyone was so friendly and welcoming and Jeff, the amazing hairdresser of Drama Parlour, gave his consultation, advising me to go short which I haven't dared for years. 
Few minutes later, the House Of Mamas girls announce the winner of the free haircut by Jeff and it was... ME!!!!!! I never, ever win in that sort of things and for the first time I won! How amazing is that???? 
 And Jeff did exactly what he promised me: he cut my hair short! And they look amazing! 
What a difference a haircut can make! But the perks didn't end there. Sophie from Make Up School (where you can learn all the make up tricks you always wanted to know) did my make up and House of Mamas gave me a goodies bag full of incredible stuff. I'm already in love with the hair band from Lines & Current
I had such a great time and I will definitely return to Drama Parlour for my next haircut... And maybe have some drinks at the pub after? 

Drama Parlour: The Dundee Arms - 339 Cambridge Heath Road, E29LH

Copy the look of: Reese Witherspoon

I'm a big fan of Reese Witherspoon's street style. She always look chic without trying too hard. Her style is so effortless and so elegant that I love browsing through her pics and getting inspired. 
Reese looks in the picture above so girly and so chic that I want to copy the look right away!
But my bank account keeps screaming in my head: you are on a budget, remember? 
Well, where there is a will there is a way: 

White & Black skirt - New Look £14.99
This skirt, even though doesn't have the same print as Reese's, it has similar shape and it fits very well in almost every body shape. 

Denim Jacket - Topshop £39
You can never go wrong with a denim jacket. Perhaps the most versatile item in our wardrobe. And its the perfect contrast to the rest of the girly look.  

White tote bag - M&S £35
White is the new black for this season, so a white tote is a must!! 

White heels - Topshop £46
A simple white pair of heels is the best investment for this season, because you can match them with so many different looks. 

Long necklace - House of Fraser £18
A simple long necklace is always the best choice for an effortless look like Reese's. 

My bank account has stopped screaming now... Until next time...

My 5 favorite fragrances of all time

I don't have one particular fragrance that I wear throughout the years, like many people do and I don't have and specific scent that defines me. 
I change fragrances all the time and I'm always on the hunt to try and test a new one. 
Below you'll find my top 5 favorite fragrances of all time: 

1. Madonna - Truth or Dare

I never understood why Madonna got so late into the fragrance business. Maybe being a perfectionist as we know shes is, she wanted to find the perfect scent and she did it. This an amazing fragrance. I had so many compliments while I was wearing it, like never before! 
It's hard to find it these days in the stores, but you can definitely find it online.

2. Oscar de la Renta - Oscar

Years ago, I was walking in central Athens and a lady stopped me to ask me what is the perfume that I'm wearing! It's so light... so fresh... it smells incredible!
You won't find it in drugstores anymore, but online is the easiest way to order. 

3. Burberry - Touch

This is my latest obsession! Even though it's not a new fragrance, I discovered it a few months ago and I'm in love with it. It's available in all department stores and online. 

4. Kenzo - Flower

This is an old time classic, but it's a fabulous fragrance. When I smell it, I can dream of summer holidays.

5. Gucci - Eau de Perfum II

It's hard to find this fragrance anymore but I will never forget this scent.

Style inspiration: Solange Knowles

At first we all heard about Solange because she's Beyonce's sister. Even though she keeps recording music and doing occasionaly some tv appearances, she managed to get away from her sister's shadow in the most unexpected way: by becoming a fashion icon! 
By her bold and colorful choices on the red carpet and her unique street style, she's officially the "it" girl of fashion. 
And since she became 29 this week (Happy Birthday!), we are remembering the best moments of her "fashion history":

How to find apps for shoes...

I booked my tickets for the new exhibition at the V&A Museum "Shoes:Pleasure and Pain" and it got me wondering why all women love shoes. And the answer is simple: Because i doesn't matter if we are size 6 or size 16 we can all wear them. And there so many of them! Different styles, different colours, different designs... we just can't get enough! 
So I thought I should take a look at the Apple Store to check for applications for shoes. Why not play or shop with our favorite fashion item while we're on the move? 

This app is worth having in your phone if you are a serious shoe lover. No wonder they call it the "Tinder for shoes". You can browse through thousands of shoes, you can express your love or hate for them by pressing "like" or "dislike" and you get to have the opportunity to buy your favorite one. 
There is also a sort of a magazine in there where you can see celebrities wearing designer shoes and how they match them with their outfit.

 Shoe Designer
This is supposed to be fun app where you get to design your shoes by choosing the style, the colour and even the accessories you want to put on them. But unfortunately is more for my 3 years old to play with rather than a grown up to have fun with. 

 Shoe Pics
In this app you supposingly get to choose your facvorite pair of shoes and make your own shoe profile. But the shoes are not so nice and app is full of ads that don't allow you to have fun. 

 Shoe Lovers
This app looks fun and many people love it but it asks you to sign in which I personally think its annoying so I didn't get to take a closer look... 

Do you have any more shoes app you would suggest? Next time I'll search through my tablet, which supports Android, to see what I can find there...  

A/W 2015 GEORGE - Press Day

Super markets in Greece in their clothing section usually have some boring t-shirts and some even more boring panties. When I moved to London I realised that big super markets have amazing clothing lines that I could afford! Lucky me! 
A few days ago I had the opportunity to take a closer look to the Autumn/Winter 2015 collection of GEORGE at Asda and I'm already dreaming for winter to come! 

The 70's trend dominates the collection with boho dresses, suede jackets (that don't look cheap) and fridge details. 

There is a vintage feel throughout the collection which provides fashion solutions for the whole season. 

Either it's for a glamorous night out, or a laid back day with friends, George has amazing fashionable suggestions in the most affordable prices. What more can you ask for? 

And this denim dress has my name written all over it! 

I had such a lovely time that day, surrounding by amazing clothes, by extremely friendly people and by having the chance to make my own flower bouquet! 
Can't wait for winter!

Droules we love: Ashley Graham

In case you don't know, Ashley Graham is an American model and enterpreneur which refuses to be labeled as a plus size model and we love her for it. 
She started modeling at 16 but she became famous when she participated at the controversial Lane Bryant TV commercial that was banned because it was too revealing... 

The amazing thing about Ashley Graham is that she refuses to be labeled. She designs her own lingerie and she promotes a healthy lifestyle without being ashamed of your body and your size. 

Her red carpet style needs some improvement but I'm sure that if she hires the right stylist she will find her unique style on the red carpet as well. 

Nowadays, Ashley breaks every barrier by appearing in editorials at Sports Illustrated and Vogue even though her size is not the acceptable size in those magazines. It's difficult to believe that something would really change into the fashion world regarding sizes, but we can always hope that something will improve and fashion will be more open minded. 

You can check Ashley Graham's lingerie here

My next favorite concealer...

Marilyn Monroe said that diamonds are a girls best friend, but she knew better and she was one of the first stars that she used it. Concealer was, is and always will be our real BFF.
We can cover dark circles, age spots, large pores and any other small inperfections of our face and I'm totally addicted to it. I use it every day and even the days that I don't use any foundation on my face, I apply concealer to correct those annoying imperfections of my skin.

For many years I swear by only one concealer: 
Line Smoothing Concealer by Clinique. 
I love the texture, its very easy to apply and it blends perfectly with my skin tone. 
Even though I'm totally devoted to my concealer, I thought I do a little research amongst the drugstore concealers in order to find my second favorite that I can have in my bag for any make up emergencies:

Seventeen Miracle Matte Concealer Stick

I bought this one , because I've never tried a solid concealer before and because of its size (it looks like a lipstick) which its easy to have it in my purse. Despite its solid texture, it is very easy to apply and very easy to blend in using a brush or even my fingers. It gives good coverage but its lacking that special something that it will make it my second favorite. 

Rimmel Hide the Blemish Concealer Stick 

Again the stick formula of this one is very convinient for a to go make up routine but this was harder to apply it on my skin. It's texture is extra solid which it makes more difficult to apply but if you use your brush, blending gets more easier. It gives a good coverage and its perfect for small inperfections but I don't think it completely hides the blemish under my eyes.

Revlon Colostay Concealer

We have a winner! Even though this one is not in the convenient stick formula its a really good on budget choice. Very easy to apply and to blend in... it hides the blemishes without making your face looking unnatural and it gives that extra brightness under your eyes which makes you look that you slept 12 hours last night (NOT!). 

Please let me know if you have any other concealer suggestions which I should try on my next little research.           

How to style: The boho blouse

Dorothy Perkins - £12

Every time I see a boho blouse in a fashion editiorial or at a window display, the first thing that comes to my mind is: Glastonbury. Especially this season where the 70's style is everywhere, the boho blouse takes us back to those Woodstock days. 
But I refuse to give up on such a lovely fashion item so I tried to find different ways to style the boho blouse: 

1. The easy festival way

This is the most common style of the boho blouse. Match it with your denim shorts. If you have big thighs like me, go for a longer version, wear your sandals avoid the usual flowers in your hair (unless you are actually going to Glanstonbury) and you're good to go! 
This look doesn't have to do with festivals. Think summer holidays in an island (preferably Santorini), think a shinny day at Hyde Park or a day trip to Brighton!

2. The effortless way

This style doesn't need a lot of effort to make it work. You can match your blouse with your boyfriend jeans, wear some cool flats, add some fridge to the look (a fringe bag is the easiest way) and you're ready! 

3. The unexpected way
Wearing your boho blouse for a glam night out? It's bold but it can happen! 
Here's the unconvetional combination: Your boho blouse, a pencil skirt (preferably monochrome), metallic heels and you're ready to dazzle!

Things that men don't understand about fashion...


We've know this for a while. Women are from Venus and men are from Mars. In simple words, men and women are different. We don't understand why we have to watch every single sport that exists in the universe and they don't understand fashion. They REALLY don't. 
Spyros Pagiatakis, dj and food blogger (check his blog Live to Bake), tells his side of the story... 

For most men clothes are just clothes and fashion is like a physical phenomenon. It’s like the rain. It just happens. No questions, no explanation! But for most women things are totally different. Fashion is a whole universe and they have not only to live in it, but also to be the brighter star! This universe is located in the magazines, in the fashion blogs and of course into their closets! Closets full of clothes with nothing to wear! I guess that this is the first thing that men don’t really understand about women’s fashion. Of course it’s not just the clothes. It’s also the accessories, the bags, the shoes, the hair, the nails, the lipstick and much much more in this endless list, that guys don’t seem to get and they probably will never do!

This is confusing. Women want all shapes and colours of heels. Men can’t tell the difference between some of them because they are absolutely the same. How many almost identical black stilettos can be in a single closet? What good is to feel taller, more confident an sexier when walking is impossible, falling down is possible and complaining is essential!

Women love their heels because they love to feel sexy! Then one day, they put their uggs on! Logic has left the building! Do you feel sexy looking like Neil Armstrong walking on the moon?

The Big Bag Theory
If your bag is as big as your suitcase there seems to be a problem! They have everything in there! It’s like Noah’s Arc for clothes, shoes, electronic devices, food and everything that comes to mind but it’s like the Titanic when they are looking for something because it’s always at the bottom of the bag!

Fake Nails
You can grow your own, so why bother with the fake stuff? Needless to say about Nail Art and Nail Artists! Seriously art for the nails?

Catwoman looks hot in that leather jumpsuit! Any jumpsuit though won’t make you look like Catwoman! Be carefull because you might end up looking like a plumber or a contrusction worker or a house painter!

Asymmetrical dresses
Asymmetrical? One site above the knee and one side on the floor! So it can be a mini and a maxi dress at the same time! Practical maybe but why? If for any reason a dog chewed your dress, you call this asymetrical or disaster?

Vintage clothes
Q: What’s the sound of a woman standing in front of an open closet?
A: Oh my God! I have nothing to wear!
You don’t like your old clothes because they are old and they look old. Then you go shopping and buy some expensive clothes that look as old as the ones you already have, but you don’t like because they are old! This is called vicious circle and it’s out of fashion since forever!

Harem trousers
Remember 1990? Remember MC Hammer? You Can’t Touch this! So why do you have to wear it?